Each week, an experienced epi Tutor will be available for an hour to answer questions you may have relating to each one of the exam papers starting with the Paper D (first week) with the other papers following in each of the next four weeks. The cycle of sessions will then repeat in 5 week blocks.

This course room has been set up for all epi students willing to participate in an epi Tutorial, in which you can privately sit any past EQE paper - and receive individual feedback from an EQE Tutor either via email or video conference.  

This course room is exclusively available for members of the PEC sub-committee epi Students & EQE candidates. Please understand that other users of the platform cannot enrol in this course. 

The video on patent claims shows you what patent claims are and what they are used for. The video consists of 3 parts: 

  • Part 1 – Definitions and requirements
  • Part 2 – Patentability
  • Part 3 – Sets of claims and example

In this course room, epi Students have the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss topics related to the European Qualifying Examination (EQE).

This forum is only available for epi Students. You can find more information about the epi Student membership here.