• EQE 2022  | TUTORIALS

    This course room has been set up for all epi students willing to participate in an epi Tutorial, in which you can privately sit any past EQE paper - and receive individual feedback from an EQE Tutor either via email or video conference.  

      Please note that epi Students can book any tutorial for a special price (50% of the regular fee).  

    Once you have successfully registered to the epi Tutorials of your choice, you are enrolled to this course room. After log-in with your personal credentials, you will then find below these lines your individual working area(s) where you can:

    • download the relevant documents for your Tutorial.
    • submit your solution (either by pasting the corresponding text or uploading a document)
    • receive your tutor's feedback. This may be a link to a Zoom session or whatever means of communication you previously have agreed on. 
  • This working space and all resources herein (especially the "messages" area) are only accessible for you and your tutor(s). Please check the following information to ensure the tutorial runs smoothly. 

    Tutor:  John Doe
    Tutee:  Jane Doe
    Subject:  Paper B 2019 (EN)
    Due date:       31 October 2021
    21 November 2021 (Zoom)