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In my view, the downsides of writing exams at home are currently big and do not outweigh the upsides thereof.
According to the author(s) of the discussion paper, sitting an exam under constant supervision of AI tools is very stressful for the candidates so that each part of the exam should not be longer than 2 hours. However, in my view, a 2 hour exam reduces much of the complexity of possible questions and is not suitable for real life problems.
In addition to that, when writing at home the organizational burden of the exam is fully on the candidates and increases the stress level.
For this reason, going back to exam centers or other suitable locations seems to be appropriate for maintaining the standards of the EQE and reducing the burden on the candidates.
Apart from that, I think writing the EQE electronically is a huge step forward. Candidates are used to typing and sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours a day at work. They are in fact not used to writing long handwritten texts.
Overall, I think the electronic form of the EQE should be kept but the exam should be written in exam centers again.