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The motivation and advantages for switching to the proposed modular setup is not clear to me. A general motivation given in the discussion paper is making the candidates more “fit-to-practice”. I do not believe that this goal can be achieved by distributing multiple choice exams over a year. The candidates will have to do their everyday work and, in addition to that, sit more exams, which increases the workload on the candidates but does not improve the training and support of the candidates.

In my view, a good way to improve the training and support would be providing obligatory training courses which may also include some kind of MCQ tests helping the candidates to assess their current level of skills and knowledge. However, these MCQ tests should not be a part of the EQE and passing not be a re-requisite for sitting the EQE.

Also some kind of supervision of the employers/trainers of the candidates could be introduced to ensure that adequate training and enough spare time is provided so that the candidates can properly prepare for the EQE.

Further, with the existing pre-exam, the current EQE already comprises a modular MCQ part. However, according to the comments of the chairman of the examination committee of the pre-exam, Stefan Kastel, and the former chairman of examination committee III, Dimitrios Roukounas, the current pre-exam has neither proven that MCQ exams are suitable for testing “fit-to-practice” nor proven that the training of the candidates can be improved by the additional exam. Thus, the goals to be achieved by the proposed modular MCQ-exams seem not to have been achieved by the existing modular MCQ pre-exam.

Thus, I suggest as a first step scrutinizing in an objective and transparent way the pros and cons of the existing modular MCQ pre-exam and based on these results, as a second step, developing proposals for improving the pre-exam and the EQE as a whole.